City Elections News

Next Steps in the Process

Many thanks to everyone who made it to the virtual caucus gatherings on May 7-8. Here is a timeline and summary of the next phase of the 2021 endorsement process.

Ward delegates

All confirmed caucus registrants who indicated that they want to be ward delegates are indeed ward delegates. The only business that the wards need to conduct this year is selecting delegates for the city convention in July.

The DFL will hold another round of optional, virtual events on June 7 and 8 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Delegates from all wards can attend either night if they want to hear from candidates and learn more about this year’s process.

Selection of city delegates

Ward delegates will be sorted into subcaucuses based on the preferences ranked on the caucus registration form. The conveners of viable subcaucuses (those with enough members) in each ward will reach out to delegates with information about the selection process. This step will most likely involve some kind of a ballot, but details are left up to those who convened the subcaucus. The selection process will take place between June 10 and 20. Please watch for communication from subcaucus conveners. Those selected as city delegates will be notified in late June.

Looking toward the city endorsing convention, July 18

The DFL will host a candidate forum to help city delegates learn more about candidates seeking endorsement. We also encourage delegates to reach out directly to campaigns if you have questions or want to get involved (see our Candidate Info page for details).

The St. Paul DFL will keep delegates updated through emails, social media, and website posts. As always, please email us at with questions.