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The next step in the 2021 process is for ward delegates to select delegates for the city convention. Please see this update for an overview and timeline.

Curious about what this year’s endorsement process will look like? Head over to the 2021 St. Paul Elections page for more information. This page includes a helpful tutorial about the entire 2021 process and dates to remember. Materials are available in five languages: English, Hmong, Spanish, Somali, and Karen.

If you are looking for information on voting, please visit the Ramsey County Elections page.

If you would like to volunteer, the DFL has a lot of great options.

We are part of the proud Democratic Farmer Labor Party of Minnesota. The party is organized into many units, a number of which overlap with the Saint Paul DFL. To learn about some of these other units, visit their websites.

Recent Saint Paul DFL News

  • Next Steps in the Process
    Many thanks to everyone who made it to the virtual caucus gatherings on May 7-8. Here is a timeline and summary of the next phase of the 2021 endorsement process. Ward delegates All confirmed caucus registrants who indicated that they want to be ward delegates are indeed ward delegates. The only business that the wards […]
  • Optional Caucus Gatherings May 7-8
    On Friday, May 7 and Saturday, May 8 confirmed caucus registrants are invited to attend an optional gathering with other DFLers from your ward. These events, which will take place on Zoom, will give you a chance to connect with neighbors, learn more about this year’s endorsement process, and hear from both candidates and elected […]
  • Confirmation Process EXTENDED
    Dear DFLers, If you have not yet gotten your postcard (as of today, they are still making their way to mailboxes) or have misplaced it, we want to provide alternative ways that you can confirm your address. And we have extended the deadline until this Sunday, May 2 to accommodate everyone. You may send a photo of […]
  • Confirmation Process Begins
    Please watch your mailbox for a postcard from the St. Paul DFL. On it you’ll find a five-digit code that you must enter HERE. This verification process ensures that everyone participating in the endorsement process is a St. Paul resident. Each caucus registrant must complete this step by Thursday, April 29. If you have any problems or need […]
  • Week 2 of Caucus Registration
    Many thanks to everyone who has already submitted their caucus registration form. We are delighted to see so many DFLers engaging in the 2021 process. If you head to the “Other Resources” page in the 2021 St. Paul Elections section, you can find versions of the registration form in five languages: English, Hmong, Spanish, Somali, […]