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Welcome to the Saint Paul DFL

Mayoral and School Board Endorsement Results:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the process. Caucus attendees, city delegates, Central Committee members, campaigns, and other partners all played a vital role in making this process a success.

I am happy to announce our slate of endorsed candidates for Mayor and School Board:

·      Mayor: Melvin Carter III

·      School Board Special Election (two-year term): Clayton Howatt

·      School Board (four-year term): Halla Henderson and Uriah Ward

Now we can turn our attention to getting out the vote for our amazing endorsees. Every endorsed candidate embodies the progressive values that DFLers embrace, and I know they will bring tremendous expertise and energy as they address the challenges facing our city.

Garrison McMurtrey, St. Paul DFL Chair

If you are looking for information on voting, please visit the Ramsey County Elections page.

If you would like to volunteer, the DFL has a lot of great options.

We are part of the proud Democratic Farmer Labor Party of Minnesota. The party is organized into many units, a number of which overlap with the Saint Paul DFL. To learn about some of these other units, visit their websites.