The Saint Paul City DFL consists of Democrats seeking to improve life in Minnesota’s Capital City.

If you are interested in volunteering to move Saint Paul forward, please provide your full name, address, telephone and email address (if available) and indicate what type of volunteer activities interest you and send an email to stpauldflmn@gmail.com.

Executive Committee & Ward Chairs

Last First Role
McMurtrey Garrison Chair
Sachs Andrea Vice-chair
Barkat Abdi Outreach Chair
Tabbutt Jessica Secretary
Varco Rick Treasurer
Allen Chauntyll At-large director
Dedefo Amina At-large director
Freeman Matt At-large director
Koliso Ikram At-large director
Badhasso Amane At-large director
Basgen Tom At-large director
Lucero Jesus At-large director
Nix Noel At-large director
Jalali Mitra At-large elected official
Trista MatasCastillo At-large elected official
    Ward 1 co-chair
    Ward 1 co-chair
Sherman John Ward 2 co-chair
Waite Rene Ward 2 co-chair
Ledger Andrea Ward 3 co-chair
    Ward 3 co-chair
Banat Sami Ward 4 co-chair
    Ward 4 co-chair
    Ward 4 co-chair helper
    ward 5 co-chair
Zimmerman Maggie Ward 5 co-chair
    Ward 5 co-chair helper
Thao Terri Ward 6 co-chair
    Ward 6 co-chair
Moore William Ward 7 co-chair
Vang PaChua Ward 7 co-chair