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St. Paul Mayor Candidates (in alphabetical order)

Abu Nayeem

Please explain why you’re seeking DFL endorsement: I’m seeking DFL endorsement because I agree with the principles the party stands for. The quote by late Senator Paul Wellstone, “We all do better when we all do better”, moves me and captures what my campaign is all about it. People reclaiming their power by helping each other. I’m a community organizer and I’m committed to bring people in the room, working together, and respect individual self-agency.


Dora Jones-RobbinsonDora Image

Please explain why you’re seeking DFL endorsement: I have been a DFL member my whole life. I’ve been an active member helping to recruit voter registration, supported DFL candidates, and my mission has been to represent members of my community who are under served and under privileged.


Melvin Carter IIIcarter-image

Please explain why you’re seeking DFL endorsement: Our administration’s focus has always been bringing people together to build a Saint Paul that works for all of us – that’s how we intend to campaign, and that’s why we’re seeking the DFL endorsement. While we want to win reelection to build on the success of the past four years, our community can’t wait for an election to come and go before getting to work on caring for one another amid the ongoing public health and economic crisis. That means our campaign must be a vehicle for resource coordination, community action, and positive change — right now.

With the support of the DFL who share our intent to pursue racial and economic equity, we will broaden our growing coalition of support to continue the vital work toward a safer, more affordable, and healthier Saint Paul.

St. Paul School Board Candidates (in alphabetical order)

Clayton Howatt

Please explain why you’re seeking DFL endorsement: no answer given


Halla Henderson Halla Image

Please explain why you’re seeking DFL endorsement: I am seeking the DFL endorsement because I believe that the DFL creates a needed space for a progressive coalition to come together and elect candidates who will govern together alongside them. I am proud to be a leader in our party, and I am deeply invested in strengthening our ties to the community by bringing in new voters and young people.


James Farnsworth

James Image

Please explain why you’re seeking DFL endorsement: My values and platform are consistent with the DFL principles and value placed on public education. I would be honored to receive the DFL endorsement and would govern in a manner that’s consistent the the progressive values held within the DFL platform.


Jeanelle Foster

Please explain why you’re seeking DFL endorsement: I value and respect the work of the DFL. It has been critical to forcing what should be inherent in our communities; the right to fair labor, access to good schools and quality education, health care and housing in ever zip code in St. Paul and across Minnesota; regardless of who you are or where you come from.

Our school are a community hub. I continue to believe that as SPPS is one of the largest employers in St. Paul, it is important for the district to take the lead on how we treat our employees, staff, children and families and work within community. As a board member I have shaped creating policies and practices that support a progressive, more equitable and inclusive system. I have had to challenge old practices that have hindered progress for all.

Your endorsement would convey that we share similar values and beliefs that affect the St. Paul Public Schools and of great state of Minnesota.


Jim VueJim Vue Image

Please explain why you’re seeking DFL endorsement: I am seeking the DFL endorsement for a number of reasons. As a parent, community member, and current school board member, I have strived to create lasting change that centers collaborative leadership and community-driven decision-making in order to confront and tackle the practices of white supremacy, which is at the intersection of all district inequities. These ideals closely align with those of the DFL, namely, in that it is committed to perpetuating representative governance, not only within itself as an organization but also throughout levels of government. I also value its commitment to the inclusion and encouraged participation of underrepresented groups, which is essential if we want to make community-driven decisions that reflect our community here in Saint Paul. I see the DFL endorsement as an opportunity to engage and establish relationships with like-minded members of our community who care deeply about our schools and city and are committed to bringing about lasting change and progress for all of us.


Uriah WardUriah Image

Please explain why you’re seeking DFL endorsement: I am a long-time Democratic Party leader, a progressive organizer and an educator running for Saint Paul School Board. I’m proud to seek the DFL endorsement because we are the party that fights for public education. I’m ready to fight for our schools alongside my fellow DFLers as a member of the School Board!

I’m a former middle school teacher, Social Studies department chair and chess team coach. I have worked in transitional education and currently work as a financial aid administrator at Augsburg University. I earned my Master of Arts in Education in 2018 and have a well-rounded understanding of our education system.

I’ve held leadership roles within the Democratic Party for over a decade. I’ve twice been an elected delegate to the Democratic National Convention, served as the President of the Saint Paul Young DFL and was an organizer on 2018’s Vote Yes for Saint Paul Kids referendum campaign.

I am also a labor organizer. I initiated and helped lead the successful effort to unionize my fellow staff members at Augsburg. We were the first private university in Minnesota to unionize our staff!

I’m running to be an advocate for the schools our students deserve. I would approach this work with a strong background in education and with a demonstrated ability to organize for progressive change.

I hope that the delegates will vote to endorse our campaign for School Board and that we can work together to improve our schools and our community for many years to come!


Zoe SblendoriogiebelZoe Image

Please explain why you’re seeking DFL endorsement: I am seeking the DFL endorsement because I am committed to the DFL, I have worked with and participated in many DFL campaigns. I am hoping to receive this endorsement because it would help me win given my age and gender identity. I am sure some folks who would otherwise agree with me may over look me for these reasons.