2021 Caucus Registration NOW OPEN!

We are so pleased to announce the official launch of the 2021 St.Paul DFL caucus and convention process. This year’s entirely remote process has been designed to help DFLers engage safely in the political process and endorse candidates who best embody the DFL’s vision and values.

Rather than holding in-person precinct caucuses, DFLers will fill out this online caucus registration form as a first step in this year’s process. Besides affirming your eligibility and collecting your contact information, the form asks you to rank the top five candidates or issues that are most important to you as we look ahead to the city elections. These preferences, or subcaucuses, will guide the selection of delegates to both the ward and city conventions.

Eight candidates are seeking the DFL endorsement: two mayoral candidates and seven school board candidates. You can find more information about them on the Candidate Info page.  

Here is a quick timeline of coming events:

  • March 12 to April 9: DFLers will complete the caucus registration form.
  • Mid-April to mid-May: Those who completed the caucus registration form will receive a postcard with instructions on how to verify your eligibility. Please keep an eye out for mail from us! During this period subcaucuses will also select delegates to the ward conventions.
  • June 10 to 20: Ward delegates will select delegates to represent the ward at the city convention.
  • July 18: City convention delegates will vote on endorsements for the Mayor and School Board races.

Throughout the process you will have opportunities to hear directly from candidates and connect virtually with fellow DFLers. 

Thank you for your support and participation!

Garrison McMurtrey, St. Paul DFL Chair