Update on 2021 City Election

Greetings, St. Paul DFLers! Plans are being finalized for the fully distanced process we’ll use this year for precinct caucuses, ward and city conventions, and the endorsement of a slate of DFL candidates. In November, St. Paul voters will elect a mayor and four members of the St. Paul Board of Education. We have been working hard to design a fair, accessible, secure, and safe process.

Starting on Friday, March 12, and anytime before Friday, April 9, you can fill out an online form that essentially takes the place of precinct caucuses. The form asks DFLers to rank five candidates or issues that they are most interested in supporting. The list of options is this year’s version of the more familiar subcaucus process. Each campaign will convene one citywide subcaucus, and we invite DFLers to organize and nominate issue-based subcaucuses that are not connected to a particular candidate. You may use this form to nominate a subcaucus by 7 p.m. on Sunday, March 7.

Watch for the online caucus registration form next week. It will be available on our website, our Facebook page, and through an email from the St. Paul DFL. Information about the ten candidates who are seeking the DFL endorsement, along with details about this year’s process, will also be available soon.

We hope you will participate in the 2021 DFL endorsement process. Although we can’t meet in person, we can still join together to build our party and work to elect candidates who represent the DFL’s values and vision. Thank you so much.

Garrison McMurtrey, St. Paul DFL Chair