City Elections

Looking Ahead to 2021 City Elections

Happy New Year, St. Paul DFLers!

All of us are breathing a sigh of relief now that the historic 2020 elections are behind us and principled leadership has returned to the White House. Thanks to everyone who organized, mobilized, volunteered, donated, and ran for office in 2020.

The arrival of the new year means it is time to turn our attention to the city elections that will happen on November 2, when St. Paul voters will elect a mayor and four school board members. Given the ongoing challenges and restrictions posed by the pandemic, the caucus and convention process will be entirely remote this year. City DFL leaders are working hard to design a plan that is fair, secure, accessible, and transparent.

Under more normal circumstances, this year would bring a series of in-person events: precinct caucuses, ward conventions, and a city convention. The plan that we are developing adapts each stage of this sequence with the goal of engaging party members, both veterans and newcomers, in the political process.

Here is a quick summary of the plan as it currently stands:

March: Precinct Caucuses

Rather than attend in-person caucuses, any DFLer can fill out a form (online or on paper) affirming their interest in becoming a delegate at the ward and city level. This form essentially takes the place of precinct caucuses and is a critical first step for anyone who wants to be a delegate at the ward or city conventions. DFLers will have several weeks before the deadline for all forms to be submitted. We are working on processes to ensure that only St. Paul Democrats can participate.

Part of the precinct caucus form will include a modified version of subcaucusing that will shape the delegate selection process. The St. Paul DFL Central Committee will coordinate with campaigns and community partners to organize this process.

April/May: Planning for Ward Conventions

DFLers who have been selected as delegates to their ward conventions will be notified by early May. Because there are no city council races this year, no endorsements will happen at the ward level.

Early June: Ward Delegates Select City Delegates

Ward delegates will choose delegates to move on to the city convention. City delegates will be notified of their status in mid-June.

July: City Delegates Vote on Endorsements

In July city delegates will vote on which candidates they want the party to endorse.

At many points throughout this process DFLers will have opportunities to hear from candidates and learn more about the races. We encourage you to be a part of this new (and we hope temporary) version of the DFL endorsing process. As plans solidify we will post updates and information on the St. Paul DFL website and Facebook page.

If you are a candidate seeking the DFL endorsement, please contact the St. Paul DFL directly at by Wednesday, February 10th.


Garrison McMurtrey
St. Paul DFL Chair