The leaves may still be on the trees, but soon something else brightly colored will be ornamenting yards across St. Paul.  Next Saturday morning, we will be gathering at the St. Paul Federation of Teachers to deliver lawnsigns for our endorsed candidates for school board to activists in all seven wards.

We’ve reached out to many of you, but perhaps we were two ships, passing in the night.  To show your support for our great school board candidates, click here to get a lawnsign!  If you’re able to come out this Saturday and help deliver, click here to sign up and get details.

On that note, we will be meeting to deliver signs at:

9am, 9/12
St. Paul Federation of Teachers
23 Empire Dr, St. Paul, MN 55103

Thanks again for showing your support for our endorsed school board candidates!

Take care,


Daniel Cox

Campaign Coordinator

St. Paul DFL


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