Ward 1 Update and Harvest Fest Parade

Ward 1 special


The St. Paul DFL would like to extend its congratulations to Dai Thao.  On 9/13, the Ward 1 delegates reconvened for a special endorsing convention.  The delegates were called to order at 2pm and rules and agenda were promptly adopted.  A motion was made to suspend the rules, and Dai Thao was resoundingly endorsed by acclamation.

Additionally, we hope that you will join us marching in the Payne Arcade Business Association’s Harvest Fest Parade on September 19th.  Line-up will begin at 10:30, our lineup number is RO#20, on Rose Ave near the Arlington Hills Community Center, and the parade beings at noon.  Harvest Fest is the last parade on our calendar, so this is your last chance to march with our endorsed candidates and your fellow DFL activists this year!  Click here to sign up and walk with us.  Can’t walk with us?  Click here to knock doors on Sunday, September 20th with State Rep. Erin Murphy.

Thank you again for all your support, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Take care,

Daniel Cox

Campaign Coordinator

St. Paul DFL


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