Candidates seeking St. Paul DFL endorsement in 2019: The list is growing! (Updated as of 4/10/19)

*If you are a candidate seeking endorsement of the St. Paul DFL and not already listed below, please visit this form to give us your contact information. Our caucus and convention process to consider endorsing candidates starts with the caucus on March 10th.

Office Sought Location First name Last name Best campaign contact
School Board Citywide Chauntyll Allen Isabel at 6126708074 or
School Board Citywide Charlotte Castro Charlie at 612.414.5161 or
School Board Citywide Zuki Ellis Shawn at or 763-438-4066
School Board Citywide Tiffany Fearing
School Board Citywide Jessica Kopp
School Board Citywide Steve Marchese or Megan at
School Board Citywide Omar Syed 6122902404 or
School Board Citywide Mary Vanderwert or 6514318626 or Megan at
School Board Citywide Ryan Williams 952-239-1892
City Council Ward 1 Anika Bowie Elizer at (612) 385-5664 or
City Council Ward 1 Liz De La Torre or Megan at
City Council Ward 1 Dai Thao


Christina at
City Council Ward 2 Rebecca Noecker–Endorsed! Megan at
City Council Ward 3 Chris Tolbert–Endorsed!
City Council Ward 4 Mitra Jalali Nelson–Endorsed! Doua at
City Council Ward 5 Amy Brendmoen


Jillian at 218-349-9300 or
City Council Ward 5 Jamie Hendricks
City Council Ward 6 Alexander Bourne
City Council Ward 6 Tony Her 
City Council Ward 6 Terri Thao Mai Eng at
City Council Ward 6 Nelsie Yang Chris at
City Council Ward 7 Ahmed Hersi or 6518008885
City Council Ward 7 Jane Prince Endorsed!
City Council Ward 7 Mary Anne Quiroz Jamila at
City Council Ward 7 Clara Ware or 612-283-2702