Central Committee meeting on 5/8/18

  1. Call to order
  2. Introductions
  • Announcements
    1. Andrea Sachs, one of the Ward 3 chairs, has stepped down. Either the Ward 3 Central Committee needs to elect a new chair or the remaining chair needs to appoint. One possibility is to do a temporary appointment until the Business Conference and then elect a new chair at the conference. Notice of election would be included in notice of conference.
  1. Business Conference:
    1. Tuesday, June 12, at MN DFL HQ
    2. Voting members are central committee members and precinct chairs
    3. Nominating committee. Expect an email soon.
      1. Libby Kantner
      2. Matthew Freeman
  • Peter Grafstrom
  1. Mohamed Mohamud
  2. Chris Smith
  1. To do:
    1. Create list of eligible Business Conference voters: Ronny and Libby
    2. Draft & send notice to voters: Libby
  • Find & schedule location for Nominating Committee inter views: Beth
  1. Draft press release: Libby
  2. Update website/facebook: Danielle
  3. Review application questions: Ben
  1. Current executive committee and directors need to decide whether to run again.
  1. Ward 4 Special Endorsing Convention recap and meeting Mitra
  2. Ward 4 Special Election DFL Campaign Plan
    1. Libby asked Ken Martin if Mitra can be on the primary mailer for coordinated campaign. He said yes, but we’ll know more after the state convention.
    2. Beth asked Betty’s campaign to help with lit and party building. They’re ahead of where they usually are with voter and precinct analysis.
    3. Mayor Carter willing to do a summer fundraiser for St. Paul DFL.
    4. Fundraiser for Mitra on Thursday, June 7
      1. After the state convention but before Business Conference so we can advertise it at the fundraiser.
      2. The fundraiser will primarily benefit Mitra, but donations will go to St. Paul DFL so we can use PCR donations.
  • Beth will look for location.