Saint Paul DFL Endorses Mitra Jalali Nelson for the Ward 4 City Council Seat

On Saturday, April 28, 2018 the Ward 4 DFL convened to consider endorsement for the special election for Saint Paul’s Ward 4 City Council Seat. On the second ballot delegates endorsed Mitra Jalali Nelson with 67% of the votes (60% is required for endorsement). Read the minutes from the convention here: Ward 4 DFL Convention Minutes 2018 .

The special election will be held Tuesday, August 14, 2018, the same day as the state primary. Register and find out where to vote here.

Learn more about Mitra by reading her answers to the DFL’s questionnaire and checking out her website. Once you know her, we’re sure you’ll love her as much as we do. Show that love– donate!31391249_922963421199152_163038406804167795_n.png

Check back soon to find more information about how to join the DFL in supporting Mitra’s campaign for City Council.