Message from John Brodrick


John Brodrick has spent a lifetime in our Saint Paul public schools.  From Scheffer Elementary to Mechanic Arts High School as a student; and from Como Park Junior HIgh to Mechanic Arts to Washington to Como Park Senior High as a teacher; John knows the inner workings of a classroom and a school building.  As a four term school board member John understands the network of connections that our school district is composed of.

John does not just understand the district.  He understands the need for the public to believe that it can interact with the district and feel that the district is responsive.  John regularly says that he believes that “it is not my job to represent the district to the public, it is my job to represent the public to the district.”  To that end John has been an advocate for parents, for students and for schools as they try to navigate the sometimes challenging structure of the district.

But John does stand up for the needs of the district as well.  He has been a part of four successful levy campaigns that have been crucial to maintaining budget stability.  John’s ability to communicate with Saint Paul voters (80 percent of whom do not have children in the district) has been a consistent asset to levy campaigns.  John is a product of “old Saint Paul” who moves comfortably in the current edition of our city.

Some things don’t change is part of John’s mantra for our schools.  Our schools need to be welcoming places that challenge and inspire our students to achieve.  Parents have to trust that their children will be in safe environments, given access to multiple programs and prepared for college, careers and life.

John has been an advocate for all of us in the classroom, in the community and on the Board of Education.  With a new superintendent and mostly newer board members, John’s experience is needed now as much, if not more, than ever.  Let’s keep John on the Board.

Vote for Brodrick on November 7, 2017.