Nominations Committee Recommends a Slate

This year the Saint Paul DFL had an unprecedented number of applications for its Executive Committee. After reviewing the applications and conducting interviews the nominating committee (made up of current executive committee members) recommends the following slate:


Name Position
Libby Kantner Chair
Rick Varco Vice Chair
Adam Vetvick Treasurer
May Shoua Moua Secretary
Tony Parrish Outreach Director
Noel Nix At-Large Director
Charles Rafowicz At-Large Director
Chai Lee At-Large Director
Abdi Barkat At-Large Director
Ben Baglio At-Large Director
Matt Freeman At-Large Director
Jeanette Jones At-Large Director
Patricia Larkey At-Large Director
Laura Savin At-Large Director
Lyn Burton At-Large Director
Matt Hill Ward 1 Co-Chair*
Kieran McCarney Ward 3 Co-Chair*
*With two ward co-chairs moving out of their districts, the Saint Paul DFL will also hold special elections for Wards 1 and 3 Co-Chairs (male), at the Business Conference.
For a full list of applicants and their applications, click here.