Meet the Candidates: Chris Tolbert for Ward 3!

Next up: DFL endorsed Chris Tolbert for Ward 3 City Council! Here are a few questions we asked Chris:

Why did you decide to run?

Tolbert 1.jpg

It is an honor and a privilege to represent Ward 3 on the St. Paul City Council. We have accomplished so much to make Mac-Groveland, West Seventh, Highland Park and all of St. Paul a better place for all people. However, we still have much to do to ensure that St. Paul continues to be the city that offers opportunity, safety, and prosperity for all. That is why I am asking for your support, as I seek reelection to represent you and our neighborhood on the St. Paul City Council.

How do you see your ward 30 years from now?

Together, over the last seven years we have succeeded in making major strides in transportation, housing, and for living wage jobs in St. Paul. We have made St. Paul a more vibrant, welcoming, and modern city. And we can continue that momentum and ensure that St. Paul is vibrant and opportunity is available for everyone— now and for generations to come.

Tolbert 3My vision for the future of Ward 3 & St. Paul is a community where every child has an opportunity to succeed, where every adult has a safe, affordable, place to live and a family providing job, and every aging resident can live in dignity.  I believe we can do this by moving our city forward, while still honoring the things that have made St. Paul a special place for decades.

How do you plan to govern in a way that is inclusive, creative and equitable?

Governing in an inclusive, creative and equitable way is the only way to govern as a representative of the people.  The more we can engage, listen, and learn from as many diverse stakeholders— particularly stakeholders that historically have been under represented or made to feel unwelcome—  is vital for good government as well as good decision making.  As I have during my time on the City Council, I will seek out people and their advice, whether that means individual conversations in the neighborhood, phone calls, email exchanges, community meetings, going into their living-rooms, door knocking, or other ways to communicate with people.  If re-elected, I will continue to be an engaged, open-minded and accessible councilmember, because robust discussion pushes me to be a better representative.

What’s the last book you read?

I just had the pleasure of re-reading Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. The book is just as fantastic as an adult as it was as a kid. Tolbert 2

Tell us a fun fact about your ward.  

It was once called “Old Rum Town.”

Favorite restaurant/ dish in your ward?

Highland Grill’s sweet potato fries or hash browns.


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