2019 Municipal Dates Finalized

Hey there! We have heard from candidates seeking endorsement and have selected dates for the caucus, all conventions, and Saint Paul DFL meetings.  These dates will not change.

As we have to utilize public buildings for our events, we have applications out for all dates. Stay tuned to this website for locations. We will update them as we hear back from the school district, MN DFL and city about our reservation requests.

If you have any questions, please email Beth at or text or call 651/247-7009 or Garrison at or 601/201-7611.

Date What Time
31-Jan Executive Committee 6-7pm
9-Feb Caucus & Convention Prep 9:30am
21-Feb Central Committee & Caucus Prep 6-8:30pm
24-Feb Candidate Mixer & Caucus and Convention Q&A 3-5pm
2-Mar Convener Training 9:30am-11am
7-Mar Executive Committee 6-7pm
10-Mar Precinct Caucuses City-wide 2:30pm sign-in, 3pm start
10-Mar Ward 2 convention 5pm start, after caucuses
10-Mar Ward 3 convention 5pm start, after caucuses
10-Mar Ward 4 convention 5pm start, after caucuses
11-Apr Central Committee 6-7pm
27-Apr Ward 6 convention 9am sign in, 10am start
28-Apr Ward 1 convention 1:30pm sign-in, Start 2pm
2-May Executive Committee & Last minute convention prep 6-8pm
4-May Ward 7 convention 1:30pm sign in, Start 2pm
5-May Ward 5 convention 1:30pm sign-in, Start 2pm
6-Jun Central Committee 6-7pm
23-Jun Saint Paul DFL Convention 3:30pm sign-in, Start 4:30pm
1-Aug Executive Committee 6-7pm
5-Sep Central Committee 6-7pm at AFSCME
3-Oct Executive Committee 6-7pm
24-Oct Central Committee & GOTV Phone bank 6-9pm
5-Dec Annual Fundraiser and Election Wrap Up TBD