City Convention- Saturday, June 17th

Saturday June 17th is the Saint Paul DFL City Convention where delegates who were elected at their ward conventions will come together to endorse for mayor and three school board seats. They will also vote on resolutions introduced at precinct caucuses. This event is open to the public. Feel free to come observe or volunteer! We need volunteers to help the day run smoothly.


Saint Paul DFL City Convention

Saturday, June 17th

8:30AM-Registration Opens

9:30AM- Convention Called to Order

Washington Technology Magnet

1495 Rice Street

Saint Paul, MN 55117

Below are the rules and agenda proposed by the Rules Committee (made up of members elected at Ward Conventions).

Draft 2017 St. Paul DFL City Agenda

Draft 2017 St. Paul DFL City Rules

The Rules Committee also submitted a Minority Report Rules and Agenda. Those are below. The final rules and agenda will be voted on by the convention body on the 17th.

Minority Report Agenda

Minority Report-2017 St. Paul DFL City Rules


At the convention delegates will have a chance to vote on resolutions that were introduced at precinct caucuses. You can find a full list of those here:

Saint Paul 2017 Resolutions Ballot Key


Somali and Hmong simultaneous interpreters will be available at the convention. We are pleased to announce we will also have CART (Communication Access Real-Time Translation). This is basically real-time captioning projected on large screens to help assist the the hard of hearing and provide a backup if the convention hall gets noisy. If you need any special accommodations to fully participate in the process please send us an email by June 12th.