Caucuses start this Saturday!

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Rules and Agenda

2017 Precinct Rules and Agenda Draft 

2017 St. Paul Ward Convention Rules

Caucus/Ward Convention Dates

Saturday, April 22– Ward 1 Caucus and Ward Convention
Location: Capitol Hill Gifted and Talented Magnet
Registration Opens: 9 AM
Start:10 AM
Languages: Hmong, Somali

Saturday, April 22– Ward 5 Caucus and Ward Convention
Location: Wellstone Elementary
Registration Opens: 8AM
Start: 9AM
Languages: Hmong

Sunday, April 23– Ward 2 Caucus and Ward Convention
Location: Humboldt High School
Registration Opens: 11:30AM
Start: 12:30PM

Saturday April 29– Ward 4 Caucus and Ward Convention
Location: Murray Middle School
Registration Opens: 9AM
Start: 9:30AM

Saturday, April 29– Ward 6 Caucus and Convention
Location: Johnson Senior High
Registration Opens: 9 AM
Start: 10 AM
Languages: Hmong

Sunday, April 30– Ward 3 Caucus and Ward Convention
Location: Highland Park Middle School
Registration Opens:11:30AM
Start: 12PM

Sunday, April 30– Ward 7 Caucus and Convention
Location: Harding High School
Registration Opens: 12:30PM
Start: 1PM
Languages: Hmong, Somali

City Convention

Saturday, June 17– City Convention **
June 17
Location: Washington Tech
Registration Opens: 8:30AM
Start: 9:30AM
Languages: Hmong, Somali

**You must be elected a delegate or alternate at your ward convention to participate in the City Convention. More about the process here.

2017 Saint Paul DFL Endorsement Process:

  • All endorsement events (caucuses or conventions) will be held on the weekend, because that’s when we heard people were available.
  • Caucuses and Ward Conventions will be held at the same event, so you don’t need to block off two days for this part– just one!
  • To maximize the number of trained volunteers and interpreters, and the amount of face-to-face candidate time attendees receive, caucuses will be on staggered days.

We hope this leads to an endorsement process that makes everyone feel heard, chooses strong, capable candidates, who reflect the values of our diverse DFL community and ensures that participants have a valuable experience.