Special Endorsing Convention Saturday, August 13th

We’re looking forward to seeing delegates, alternates, candidates and volunteers this Saturday morning. Please see the draft agenda below.

St. Paul DFL Special Endorsing Convention

Hazel Park Preparatory Academy, 1140 White Bear Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55106

August 13, 2016


8:00AM- Registration Begins

9:00AM- Call to order by St. Paul DFL Chair

  • Flag ceremony
  • Reading of Affirmative Action, Outreach, and Inclusion Statement.
  • Credentials Committee Report
  • Election of Convention Chair
  • Rules Committee Report –Adoption of Rules & Agenda
  • School Board Endorsement
    1. Nominations
    2. Candidate Speeches
    3. Question & Answer Period
    4. Balloting
  • Adjournment


Draft rules can be found here.