Electronic Convention Balloting Recommendations

The St. Paul DFL is constantly looking for ways to improve the convention experience for our community, and to make participation easier while maintaining simplicity, security, and transparency.  After a robust discussion, a sub-committee drafted the following recommendations for rules committees during the next cycle of conventions:

  1. Paper ballots best meet the criteria we identified, especially simplicity, security, and transparency. The DFL should continue to use this method, while continuing to explore emerging solutions.
  2. With proper procedures, a ballot round should be counted in 30-60 minutes, which is an appropriate amount of time between ballots to allow for the debate and persuasion needed for delegates to switch their votes.
  3. As long as all campaigns have access and steps are taken to make sure that no ballots are counted exclusively by volunteers from one campaign, we should allow campaign volunteers and delegates to count ballots. They have the greatest interest in counting fast and accurately. The also serve as a constant check on each other to prevent error or fraud.
  4. The counting should be done in the most accessible space possible, including at delegate tables on the convention floor, so that space does not limit the number of observers and volunteers. Taking the ballots to a small room hidden from view adds time, allows mistakes and delays to occur without notice, and adds an aura of secrecy that undermines confidence. It is better for the maximum number of people to see the process.
  5. All delegations should be counted at the same time and if necessary, each delegation should be divided so that multiple teams can count at the same time.

Any questions or comments regarding these recommendations can be directed to Rick Varco at,  Thanks you for your interest and for helping us make our convention process better!