Thank you to everyone who attended Caucuses!

Tuesday, February 3rd was a banner night for the City of Saint Paul. Across the city we saw high turnout at DFL precinct caucuses indicating that there is a ton of interest in this year’s exciting School Board and City Council Elections. Especially exciting was the historic numbers of East African Caucus goers who attended the Ward 1 caucuses.That one location had over 700 caucus attendee16451529475_9aaab01b57_os including many first-time caucus goers.

Coming out of Tuesday we are proud to announce that we have our two first DFL-endorsed candidates, Chris Tolbert for Ward 3 City Council member and Russ Stark for Ward 4 City Council member. These two leaders have served our city well and we cannot wait to reelect them to another term.

The Saint Paul DFL Executive Team is eager to hear your thoughts on how Tuesday night went- and how it could go better. Please take two minutes to fill out our survey and let us know how we did. We need you and your voice to make our party stronger.

Please check back to this page soon for more information about the upcoming Ward and City Conventions.