Caucuses and Ward Conventions – Tuesday, April 16 at 7pm .

Elect Ward Officers and Select City Convention Delegates

If you cannot attend on Tuesday but would still like to participate as
a City Delegate please see the Letter of Nomination page on this website.
It will link you to the letter from the State DFL web page.

Ward 1 – Capitol Hill Magnet School – 560 Concordia Ave
(Ward 1 will elect 71 City Delegates and 71 up to 71 Alternates)

Ward 2 – Humboldt High School – 30 East Baker Street
(Ward 2 will elect 78 City Delegates and up to 78 Alternates)

Ward 3 – Highland Park Junior High – 975 South Snelling Ave
(Ward 3 will elect 93 City Delegates and up to 93 Alternates)

Ward 4 – Hancock Elementary – Snelling and Englewood
(Ward 4 will Elect 86 City Delegates and up to 86 Alternates)

Ward 5 – Como Park High School – 740 Rose Avenue West
(Ward 5 will elect 58 City Delegates and up to 58 Alternates)

Ward 6 – Johnson High School – 1349 Arcade Street
(Ward 6 will elect 55 City Delegates and to 55 Alternates)

Ward 7 – Harding High School – 1540 East 6th Street
(Ward 7 will elect 59 City Delegates and up to 59 Alternates)

Saint Paul City Convention – Saturday, June 8th

Consider Endorsements for Mayor and School Board

Washington Technology Magnet School – 1495 Rice Street

If you are interested in volunteering to move Saint Paul forward, please provide your full name, address, telephone and email address (if available) and indicate what type of volunteer activities interest you and send to:

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