Here are some frequently asked questions we’ve received the last few weeks. Please contact stpauldflmn@gmail.com for any additional inquiries.

Question: Who are the candidates this year?

Answer: Please visit the page “2023 Saint Paul Elections” to learn about this year’s candidates who are seeking the DFL endorsement.

Question: When are the remaining conventions?

Answer: City-wide precinct caucuses took place at 1:00 PM on Sunday, March 19th, 2023. Please visit the page “2023 Saint Paul Elections” for all the dates/times/locations you may need for the remaining ward conventions and city convention.

Question: What happens at ward conventions?

Answer: Here are the draft agenda and rules for each ward convention.
Delegates will:

  1. Elect new leadership to the Ward DFL,
  2. Consider endorsement for City Council
  3. Choose delegates and alternates to the City Convention on June 11 where we will consider endorsement for school board.

Question: What time should I arrive at a ward convention?

Answer: Registration begins at 11:00 AM and the convention begins at 12:00 PM. It is advised that you arrive between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM to be able to have time to check in with the credentials committee and find a seat.

Question: What if I need accommodation to fully participate in the process?

Answer: We can meet your reasonable accommodation request if it is received at least 72 hours before the
convention begins—so noon on Wednesday, April 26 th . Please email bethcommers@gmail.com, call or
text 651/247-7009 with your accommodation request.

Question: How long will the ward convention last?

Answer: That depends entirely on how much business the convention must consider, how many campaigns are vying for endorsement for city council, and how many folks want to be delegates to the City Convention.

Question: What should I bring to the convention?

Answer: That depends on you! Do you need food, beverage, medicine? The day might get long depending on your ward—so bring what you need to be comfortable? Please know that NO NUTS of any kind are allowed in SPPS buildings. Please be cognizant of this when you bring your own snacks.

Question: Is there food at the convention?

Answer: The DFL will have limited snacks and water available. Many campaigns will have more extensive food options for delegates in their campaign rooms. You should make sure to bring what you need like you would for a workday or a long outing.

Question: Can I bring my children to the convention?

Answer: Sure thing. Children are welcome to join you at the convention. However, please know that we do not offer babysitting or childcare services as we cannot meet the state licensing guidelines required as it is just one day.

Question: Is there a hybrid option for caucuses/convention this year?

Answer: No, precinct caucuses/convention will be fully in-person this year and Saint Paul DFL will highly recommend and encourage folks to take extra precaution to ensure everyone’s safety and health i.e. wearing face masks, providing hand sanitizer, maintain distance from other attendees.

Question: Is it possible to take public transit to the convention

Answer: Absolutely! Find your route here: https://link.edgepilot.com/s/a5ba73ad/xa8hXqTToEeObaCtiAwSdg?u=https://www.metrotransit.org/trip-planner

Question: Can undocumented immigrants participate in the DFL caucus and convention process?

Answer: Our undocumented neighbors are 100% allowed and encouraged to participate in any DFL caucus and convention processes across the state.

Question: What takes place at the City Convention on Sunday, June 11th, 2023?

Answer: We will consider endorsement for school board. Visit the “2023 Saint Paul Elections” page for more information on our candidates.