Here are some frequently asked questions we’ve received the last few weeks. Please contact stpauldflmn@gmail.com for any additional inquiries.

Question: When is precinct caucuses/conventions?

Answer: City-wide precinct caucuses will be at 1:00 PM on Sunday, March 19th, 2023. Please visit the page “2023 Saint Paul Elections” for all the dates/times/locations you may need.

Question: Who are the candidates this year?

Answer: Please visit the page “2023 Saint Paul Elections” to learn about this year’s candidates who are seeking the DFL endorsement.

Question: What if I cannot attend precinct caucuses in-person?

Answer: If you cannot attend precinct caucuses in-person, Saint Paul DFL highly recommends that you fill out a non-attendee form and send it to the Chair before noon on Saturday, March 18th, 2023.

Question: Is there a hybrid option for caucuses/convention this year?

Answer: No, caucuses/convention will be fully in-person this year and Saint Paul DFL will highly recommend and encourage folks to take extra precaution to ensure everyone’s safety and health i.e. wearing face masks, providing hand sanitizer, maintain distance from other attendees.

Question: Can undocumented immigrants participate in the DFL caucus and convention process?

Answer: Our undocumented neighbors are 100% allowed and encouraged to participate in any DFL caucus and convention processes across the state.