Ward Leads List

Ward Leads are responsible for assisting the Saint Paul DFL Chair & Vice Chair in planning, prepping, and executing Saint Paul DFL Caucus & Convention to ensure a fair, equitable, and transparent endorsement process.

If you would like information about precinct caucuses and convention for your ward, please contact Dieu Do, Chair, and Beth Commers, Caucus/Convention Coordinator, directly to maintain a centralized model for our communications.

Dieu Do (she/her), dieu.d29@gmail.com

Beth Commers (she/her), bethcommers@gmail.com

Ward 1 Lead Emma Kiley
Ward 1 Lead Quentin Wathum-Ocama
Ward 1 Lead Garrison McMurtrey
Ward 1 Lead Jen Thorson
Ward 2 Lead Megan Thomas
Ward 2 Lead Brian Swancutt
Ward 2 Lead Dieu Do
Ward 2 Lead Erik Myster
Ward 3 Lead Anissa Rogness
Ward 3 Lead Zoë Bourgerie
Ward 3 Lead Dennis Gerhardstein
Ward 3 Lead Andrea Sachs
Ward 3 Lead Rick Varco
Ward 3 Lead Megan Jekot
Ward 3 Lead Tyler Blackmon
Ward 4 Lead Cari Nesje
Ward 4 Lead Beth Commers
Ward 5 Lead Lauren Dees-Erickson
Ward 5 Lead Jaime Tincher
Ward 5 Lead Noel Nix
Ward 6 Lead Jen Guertin
Ward 6 Lead Chai Lee
Ward 7 Lead PaChua Vang
Ward 7 Lead James Haggar
Ward 7 Lead Abdi Barkat