Vice Chair

Job Description

The role of Vice Chair is very loosely defined in the Saint Paul DFL Constitution. To provide a fuller picture of the responsibilities, the current vice chair added the responsibilities he had and estimated hours. Please keep in mind that each elected executive committee member is encouraged to make the role his or her own and find the best work strategy for their team.

Constitutional Description: The Saint Paul DFL Vice Chair shall be the second ranking Saint Paul DFL officer and shall perform all the duties of the Chair in the Chair’s absence. The Chair and Vice Chair must be of opposite genders.

Chair: The Saint Paul DFL Chair shall be the chief organizer and coordinator of all City DFL activities in Saint Paul. The Chair shall convene and conduct meetings of the Saint Paul DFL Executive and Central Committees. The Saint Paul DFL Chair shall supervise the implementation of all policies adopted by the Saint Paul City Convention and the Saint Paul DFL Central and Executive Committees.

Thus, the role of Vice Chair is very much dependent on the Chair and their role. You must compliment and support the chair in their work, have a strong grasp of the work of all the executive officers, and work to fill in holes where ever they appear.

Vice Chair Responsibilities

  • Provide Constitutional and procedural oversight. The Vice Chair offers technical support to the chair and other executive members. That requires understanding the State DFL Call, Party Rules and Procedures, and the Saint Paul DFL Constitution.
  • Represent the Saint Paul DFL. Along with the Chair, you are a defacto member of the CD 4 DFL Central committee. It is helpful to have coordination and cooperation between even year elections and municipal election leadership. You have the opportunity to provide reports at the regular CD 4 meetings.
  • Support and Develop Party Infrastructure. The municipal party is only as strong as the infrastructure and the people it has in place. A Vice Chair should assist the Chair in recruiting, developing and supporting strong ward leadership.
  • Manage relationships with partners. The Saint Paul DFL is proud to work closely with progressive allies in the community and in labor. These relationships need to be fostered and managed.
  • Sounding Board/Partner to the Chair. Every chair needs a partner to split their work, to discuss strategy and plans with, and to share in managing the organization. A Vice Chair should offer emotional support, technical expertise, constructive criticism, affirmation, accountability and friendship for the Chair throughout their joint terms.

Time Commitment: During election year—10 hours/week, off-year- 10 hours/month

The elections will be held Tuesday, June 12th at 6PM at the Minnesota DFL (255 Plato Blvd., Saint Paul, MN). If you are interested in serving– please apply before June 8th. The Nominating Committee, a group of volunteers and executive committee members, will review the applications and make a recommendation on the slate.


Any questions, please contact current chair, Rick Varco. (651) 231-2775 or