Constitutional Definition: 

The Saint Paul DFL Treasurer shall maintain the Saint Paul DFL’s bank account, shall prepare checks for payment, shall maintain all Saint Paul DFL’s financial records, shall file all financial forms and reports as required by law, such reports to be presented to the Saint Paul DFL Executive Committee, shall prepare a written financial report and summary for each Saint Paul DFL Central Committee meeting, and shall account for all money collected for the City Precinct Caucuses, Ward Conventions, and/or City Conventions.

Roles and Goals as Treasurer of St Paul DFL

  • Actively support endorsed ward, city, county, state, and national DFL candidates and officeholders as well as the party. Remain publicly impartial in ward and city races prior to endorsing conventions.
  • Work to make caucuses and conventions productive and streamlined with an emphasis on making new attendees feel welcomed and valued.
  • Attend and participate in meetings and other activities conducted by the St Paul DFL.
  • Prudently deposit and safeguard the St Paul DFL’s funds and otherwise manage its finances including budget projections made in collaboration with the Budgeting and Party Operations Committee.
  • Make no disbursement without authority or ratification by the Executive Committee or Chair of the St Paul DFL, according to its Constitution and Bylaws
  • Report to each meeting of the St Paul DFL central and executive committees on the state of the party’s finances
  • Prepare and submit timely reports to the MN Campaign Finance Board and Ramsey County Elections .
  • Issue receipts and maintain records related to the Political Contribution Refund program.
  • In the absence of a Fundraising Coordinator, undertake that role in collaboration with other members of the Fund Raising Committee: soliciting donations from past and other likely donors; ensuring that “the hat” is passed at Meetings, Caucuses, and Conventions; and planning and conducting fundraisers.


Time commitment: 5 to 10 hours per week during city election year, 5 to 10 hours per month during off year

The elections will be held Tuesday, June 12th at 6PM at the Minnesota DFL (255 Plato Blvd., Saint Paul, MN). If you are interested in serving– please apply before June 8th. The Nominating Committee, a group of volunteers and executive committee members, will review the applications and make a recommendation on the slate.


Questions? Please contact the current treasurer, Adam Vetvick, (651) 208-3172,