Outreach Director

Job Description

The local party unit Outreach Officer ensures all constituents are treated equally, based on the Minnesota DFL principles of inclusion. The Outreach Officer leads the local unit’s efforts toward inclusive political participation, and strives to achieve DFL diversity in perspective and representation. The Outreach Officer is responsible for the development and implementation of the unit’s outreach and inclusion plan, designed to establish relationships with groups or individuals residing within the unit’s boundaries, who may be underrepresented and/or not yet active in the Party.

Constitutional Description: 

The Saint Paul DFL Outreach Officer shall maintain and develop the Saint Paul DFL Outreach plan in compliance with Article I of this Constitution, monitor Saint Paul DFL’s compliance, recommend corrections to remedy non-compliance, and fulfill additional duties as prescribed by the State DFL Constitution.

The Outreach Officer should:  

  • Work with community members and members of the Saint Paul DFL Central Committee to draft, implement, report on, and recommend any necessary amendments to the outreach and inclusion plan  
  • Monitor compliance with the Party’s policies relating to outreach and inclusion, and recommend a remedy for any noncompliance  
  • Represent the unit on its Congressional District’s outreach and inclusion committee

Important duties:  

  • Accommodations at meetings and events: Work with Ward Chairs and other executive committee members to ensure that meetings and events are held in locations that are handicap accessible and have adequate numbers of handicap parking spaces
  • Advocate and arrange for interpreters for party meetings and events as requested or deemed appropriate
  • Ensure that documents are made available in all relevant languages
  • Outreach to underrepresented communities:
  • Attend various community meetings and events to connect with people and discover what issues and interests have brought them together
  • Listen to understand the issues that are most important to each community
  • Establish relationships and provide information on how the local party unit can help them achieve their various goals
  • Educate and recruit individuals who may want to become involved in the local party unit and inform them about voter registration, caucuses, conventions, campaigns and other local party unit meetings, events and activities


Time commitment: 5 to 10 hours per week during city election year, 5 to 10 hours per month during off year.

The elections will be held Tuesday, June 12th at 6PM at the Minnesota DFL (255 Plato Blvd., Saint Paul, MN). If you are interested in serving– please apply before June 8th. The Nominating Committee, a group of volunteers and executive committee members, will review the applications and make a recommendation on the slate.


Questions? Please contact current outreach director, Tony Parrish, (612) 454-9891, tonyrpsr@gmail.com ,