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St. Paul DFL 2021 City Convention


St. Paul DFL 2021 School Board Forum


St. Paul DFL 2021 Mayoral Forum


St. Paul DFL City Convention Rules

Below are the rules that will govern the upcoming City Convention. If you have any questions about the process please reach out to saintpauldflmn@gmail.com.

Chair: The Chair of the St. Paul DFL shall serve as the Convention Chair. 

Credentials: The delegate roster will be prepared and approved by the Credentials Committee. The Credentials Committee will consist of members of the St.Paul DFL Caucus and Convention subcommittee. 

Rules: The rules shall be approved by the Rules Committee.

Agenda: The sole business of the City Convention will be to consider endorsement of candidates for: 1) Mayor, 2) Three (3) candidates for a full-term on the St. Paul School Board 3) One (1) candidate for the special election for the unfinished term on St. Paul School Board.

Nominations: Nomination and a second by a delegate must be delivered via email to the Chair of the St. Paul DFL by Friday, June 25. No person may be nominated for more than one office.

Balloting Rules: All City Convention delegates will receive a ballot. Ballots shall be delivered by email. The email will be sent the morning of Sunday, July 18th. Balloting will cease at 9PM on Tuesday, July 20th . The St. Paul DFL will provide a Credentials update to campaigns on the list of delegates who have yet to cast a ballot on Monday, July 19th at 3pm. Arrangements will be made for those without internet access to vote by telephone during the same three day window.

Ballots will have separate sections for: Mayor, School Board – Regular, and School Board – Special candidates. Ballots will list all candidates nominated and “No Endorsement” in each section.

For the Mayor and School Board – Special sections (single-seat races), the following method of ranked choice voting and tabulating ballots shall be used:

  1. For both the Mayoral race and the School Board Special Election, the ballot language will ask delegates to “select one” of the options. Either the candidates or “No Endorsement” 
  2. There will be only one round of voting. If after the one round, no candidate receives the threshold of 60%, then there shall be no endorsement for that race. 

Tellers: The Chair shall appoint tellers to receive and count all ballots. During the voting process the tellers will provide one representative of each campaign access to a list of delegates who have voted. Campaigns will not be provided ballot results until the tellers make a final count.

For the School Board – Regular (three seats), up to three candidates may be endorsed, and the following method of voting and tabulating ballots shall be used:

  1. Delegates may vote for up to three candidates, including “No Endorsement.”
    1. Ranked choice voting shall not be used.
    2. Each candidate who reaches the 60% threshold on the first ballot conducted between Sunday, July 18th- Tuesday, July 20th (9pm) shall be endorsed.
      1. Should more than 3 candidates achieve over 60%, only the top 3 shall be endorsed. If “no endorsement” is one of the top 3 picks with 60%, then this rule would also apply and balloting would still end. 
      2. Since there are only four candidates running for the three endorsement slots, there will be no drop off threshold for any candidates. 
    3. If fewer than three vote getters reach the 60% threshold, there will be a second and final round of voting starting Wednesday, July 21st at Noon and ending Thursday, July 22nd at 11:59pm
      1. The St. Paul DFL will provide a credentials update on the list of delegates who have yet to cast their ballots by Thursday, July 22nd at Noon


Ward Zoom Gathering

Get to know the candidates, our local politicians, and your neighbors in the video below from the June 8th Ward Gathering.


Overview of the 2021 Caucus and Convention Process

Please see these slides for an overview of the entire caucus and convention process. Slides are also available in Hmoob, Español, Soomaali, and Karen.


The Minnesota DFL’s Official Call for 2020-21 can be found here.