Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, February 23, 2017

Saint Paul DFL

Executive Committee Meeting

February 23, 2017



Present: Tony Carter, Andrea Sachs, Kieran McCarney, Chai Lee, Ben Baglio, Tony Parrish, Noel Nix, Abdi Barkat, Pat Larkey, Marlow, Amee Xiong, Rick Varco, Danielle Stanton, Chue Vue, Beth Commers, Adam Vetvick, Libby Kantner, and May Shoua Moua.


  • Outreach Committee (Discusses forums, endorsement ambassador training, etc.)


    1. Eastside Candidate Forum: March 25th from 11am – 1pm, Dayton Bluff Recreation Center
      1. Format for this forum:
        1. 10 minutes: Caucus explanation (Libby)
        2. 20 minutes: Candidate Introductions & Platform; 2-5 minutes/candidate
        3. 45 minutes: Candidates to answer 5 questions from the STP DFL; 2 minute response
        4. BREAK
        5. 45 minutes: Candidate and Audience Q & A
    2. Concordia Candidate Forum: April 10th, TBD
      1. Format Possibilities:
        1. 2-4 radio stations
        2. STP DFL FB Live event
        3. Candidate world cafe
  1. Fundraising Committee (Discuss asks, Bowling Fundraiser, etc.)
  1. Budget review – Add janitorial costs
  2. Fundraising Plan:
    1. Weekly email blast
    2. Bowling event @ Midway Bowl on May 10th
    3. Possible summer fundraiser
  3. Ideas for fundraising:
    1. Walk for DFL
    2. Explain how donated dollars will be used in our email blasts
    3. Use social media to raise money
    4. Festival
    5. Auction


III.      Ward Chair Caucus/Convention Prep (Rick goes through checklist–provides guidance and help)

  1. Ward 1, 3 & 5 were present to discuss the upcoming Ward/Conventions.
  2. There will be two precinct convenor trainings:
    1. Saturday, April 15th @ 2pm, Location: TBD
    2. Thursday, April 20th @ 7pm, Location: TBD
  3. Caucus Postcard reminders with date, time, location, room number and name of the caucus goer will be mailed out and also serve as caucus goer’s registration.  The idea is for them to bring their postcard to the Caucus/Convention and sign it for their registration.  There will be blank postcards available onsite for those who forgot or are new caucus goers.  The committee is also considering giving each campaign some postcards to distribute for their own caucus goers.
  4. Pre-caucus rules committee will be meeting to work on sample rules that the Ward Chairs can add to.  Expect the Ward Chairs to get the rules in early March.
  1. Update
  1. Minnesota, Minneapolis and St. Paul DFL had a joint discussion and the State Party agreed to buy headsets for translation use
  2. We need everyone to volunteer.  Please sign up to go to another caucus/convention outside of your own.


2017 Plan

Convention Chair Training- March 11, 1PM, Hosted by the Minneapolis DFL— need to let them know how many attendees


Glossy “Choose Your Next Mayor” Mailer- Advertise forums, goes to a wider audience, laser print caucus date/locations


Eastside Candidate Forum– Saturday, March 25th, 11AM



Concordia Candidate Forum– Monday, April 10th


Pre-Caucus Rules Committee- Need to set date


Caucus Postcard– Sent in how many languages? How wide of an audience?


Precinct Convener/Greeter/Endorsement Ambassador Training– Saturday, April 15th and Thursday April 21st




Saturday, April 22– Ward 1 Caucus and Ward Convention

Hmong, Somali? Oromo?


Saturday, April 22– Ward 5 Caucus and Ward Convention

Hmong? Karen?


Sunday, April 23– Ward 2 Caucus and Ward Convention



Saturday April 29– Ward 4 Caucus and Ward Convention


Saturday, April 29– Ward 6 Caucus and Convention



Sunday, April 30– Ward 3 Caucus and Ward Convention


Sunday, April 30– Ward 7 Caucus and Convention



Bowling Fundraiser– Week of May 8th


City Convention– June 17



Unity Party